City may raise fees, add surcharges

Altus Municipal Authority and Altus City Council will meet in regular session Tuesday, July 7 beginning at 6:30 p.m. in Council chambers.

The AMA meeting will begin with receiving a report and update from the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority Director of Municipal Services, Drake Rice.

The consent agenda will follow which will include items related to the Altus High School Renovation Project, sewer lines to serve the English Village Park Addition, and an emergency labor purchase item.

Raising fees for trash collection to fund the purchase of a sideloader is on the agenda, as is placing a surcharge on the monthly utility bills to fund additional debt service costs for necessary improvements to the water utilities.

The purchase of a video imaging vehicle detection system, transformer repairs, bids for the construction of a new 5-acre landfill cell, and the authorization of the City Manager to employ an engineering firm for utility rate studies is on the agenda.

If there is no new business, the AMA will adjourn, and the regular City Council meeting begin.

Three Altus Police Officers will be recognized during the City Council meeting for their accomplishments. They are Deputy Chief Bill Perkins, Sgt. Don Wood, and Sgt. Brad Edmonds.

Contract services for Main Street Altus will be considered, as will the renewal of the lease between the City and SOCAG for the use of the Seg Hove Center (Senior Citizens), as well as for the Lincoln Center.

Monthly reports will be received, Street Department equipment items, and resolutions involving the airport are also on the agenda.

An agreement involving the development of a planned district housing addition is on the agenda, as are various resolutions, appointments by the mayor and comments and reports from the City Manager, Council and Mayor before adjourning.

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