Funds sought for Air Industrial Park

Matching funds for improvements, expansion of area adjacent to AAFB authorized

By Tinita Tennant -

The Altus Municipal Authority and City Council held regular meetings last night in Council Chambers. The AMA had an unusually short agenda, consisting of only the consent agenda, which was approved.

Beginning the City Council meeting was comments from the audience, where Mark Olson, Pastor of Grace New Life Fellowship, expressed his disappointment to learn that under the new structure of government the citizens voted for, the Mayor and entire Council do not get paid.

“It’s unjust. I would have not voted for the new government if I had known the Mayor and City Council would not be paid,” said Olson.

Olson expressed his gratitude for the work the Council does for the City of Altus, the time they put in for the best interest of the residents and referred to them as Angles, suggesting that the compensation of the Mayor and Council be reconsidered.

The original City Council agenda was revised, adding a presentation by Greg Sparks of MKEC Engineering Success. Sparks presented a power-point presentation to the Council, updating the progress and tentative schedule of road and sidewalk work to be continued by his company throughout the City.

Ordinance No. 2015-12 was approved for the addition of Section 28-19 to the Altus Code to add the OMPA Wise Ceiling Insulation Rebate Program to the City’s Rebate Program.

Resolution No. 2015-34 authorizing the City to make application to the Department of Commerce, State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Strategic Military Planning Commission for a total of $193,000 to be used for the improvement and expansion of an Air Industrial Park adjacent to Altus Air Force Base, authorizing providing 10 percent ($19, 300) in matching funds, was approved. The working within the Resolution was revised per Mayor Smiley, from, ” the development of an Air Industrial Park” to say, “the improvement and expansion of an Air Industrial Park.”

Approval was granted to the Amend renewal of the Altus Community Work Center Contract between the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and the City of Altus for the 2015-156 fiscal year, that adds paragraph #27 on Prison Rape Elimination Act and replacing the Contract previously approved on June 4, 2015; providing a site for the Altus Community Work Center at 308 W. Broadway; and providing a maximum of 110 inmates to work in certain City departments, provide offender work opportunities in local public works projects, and authorize execution of the Contract.

The two year sponsorship contract between the City of Altus Recreation Department and Academy Sports, as recommended by the Altus Recreation Advisory Committee (ARAC), was approved.

Consideration was given to increase fees charged under annual contracts for euthanasia of animals from $50 to $100 per animal with the area communities of Blair, Duke, Olustee, Snyder, Eldorado and Elmer. The increase is said to be necessary to cover cost of the Veterinarian, care, feeding and boarding of animals impounded at the Altus Animal Control. The agenda item received two opposing votes from Council but was overall, approved.

There was no new business and no Mayor appointments.
Matching funds for improvements, expansion of area adjacent to AAFB authorized

By Tinita Tennant

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