Girl Talk mentoring program back in session

Founder of Girl Talk, Nadine Brown, left, and Vickey Shumaker, right, a Girl Talk mentor and leader, are excited about bringing new and fun topics and activities to the upcoming meetings.

After unfortunate cancellations of the last few sessions due to inclement weather, Girl Talk will be back in action next Saturday, June 20. Girl Talk visionary and founder, Nadine Brown and Girl Talk mentor and leader, Vickey Shumaker are looking forward to seeing their mentees and have been working hard to plan exciting topics and activities for the upcoming months.

“There’s really nothing for the kids to do here in the summer. There aren’t really any camps so when the parents work, the kids are left with a relative, older sibling or they’re keeping themselves. I hate to say it but it’s the truth,” said Shumaker. “At least with Girl Talk, it gives the girls something to look forward to and do, even if it’s just once a month.”

“The girls really do enjoy it, they really look forward to the meetings,” said Brown. “And, we love it. We love working with the girls. I am passionate about encouraging and helping young ladies, the same way people helped me when I needed it.”

Girl Talk is a mentoring program for girls ages 9-18, that focuses on building self-esteem, coping with challenges, and encouraging the girls to be their best. The group meetings are held every third Saturday, of each month, 1 p.m. at NBFG with New Hope Church, 400 S. Willard. All girls (within those ages) are welcome and invited to come. The family does not need to be a member of the church to attend.

Nadine Brown, her daughter and co-founder Gaynell Brown, Vickey Shumaker and all of the Girl Talk mentors and leaders are excited about continuing to serve and lead the Girl Talk girls as well as anticipating growth in numbers and reach.

For more information on Girl Talk, contact Nadine or Gaynell Brown at 580-482-2160 or 580-215-8378.

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