These 5 benefits of spending time outside may surprise you

(BPT) - Many of us know the basics for positive wellbeing — exercise consistently, sleep well, eat right — but what if we’re overlooking a crucial and simple component of health? …

The post-pandemic boating boom continues with 100 million Americans going boating each year

(BPT) - The sharing economy shows no signs of slowing down. Like Uber and Airbnb, boating is getting in on the summertime fun. In fact, the industry has seen tremendous growth. Boatsetter, the …
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Why right now is a great time to buy — or sell — a boat
(BPT) - Whether you're looking to buy your first boat, upgrade your current boat or you simply want to sell, today's market for …
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7 reasons eBikes are a sustainable and fun transit option that's here to stay
- (BPT) - You've probably seen them at charging stations around town, but have you tried riding an electric bike (eBike)? It's a …
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Itching and watering: 7 ways to handle springtime eye allergies
(BPT) - Spring is here! As you enjoy the warmer weather, you may notice that your eyes begin to water or feel like they're burning. …
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Adventure awaits: 4 ways to soak up summer on the water
(BPT) - Summer fun is right around the corner, and boating is the perfect addition to your bucket list. No boat? No problem. There …
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15 Quick Tips to Hook a Kid on Fishing
(BPT) - As the weather warms, the desire to go fishing is undeniable. And if you love fishing, there’s only one thing more …
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25 must-visit hidden gems from across the US

Stacker compiled a list of 25 must-visit hidden gems from across the United States using travel guides, news articles, and company websites.

25 endangered animals that only live in America

Stacker compiled a list of 25 endangered animals that are only found in the United States using the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Endangered Species list.   
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Outside’s longstanding literary storytelling tradition comes to life in audio with features that will both entertain and inform listeners. We launched in March 2016 with our first series, …